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Vania Reneau also known as "Betty Rox" is a professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She originated from the Caribbean island of Belize, and migrated to the United States at the age of 4. She started her dance training in Los Angeles within several performing arts institutions including Alexander Hamilton Music Academy. Betty landed her first agent at the age of 17 when she booked a national "Burger King" commercial. Since then, she has been working as a professional dancer on films, stage shows, music videos, concerts and festivals. Betty is widely known for displaying her Caribbean roots and has worked w/ many recording artist in the genres of Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Soca, African and Afrobeats. 

After several years of dancing professionally, Betty began to expand her career as a choreographer and casting director. Due to the demand for cultural dancers, she created an agency that represented cultural dancers in Los Angeles. Several directors, would request for wardobe assistants from Betty. Which prompted her to  create the "Caribbean Gyrlz" clothing line and boutique. Giving her the options to provide wardrobe for several projects.


Betty is dedicated to spreading her knowledge of the culture around the world. She created a high impact dance class titled "Soca Meets Dancehall". Educating her students on the movements and origin of the Caribbean dance styles. Given her experience, Betty has taught several masterclasses in the US, Jamaica, Belize, South Africa, Italy and London.





​​Betty Rox Entertainment

Address: 5101 Santa Monica Blvd #186

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Business Line: 323-621-1174

Business Hours 9:00am-6:00pm PST